Brother is a famous printer manufacturing brand from Japan, which is known for its advanced products. These printers come with a host of cutting-edge features and deals with a variety of printers including laserjet, inkjet, and fax-cum-printing machines.

Although the printers from this brand are highly efficient, they are not free from occasional technical glitches. One of the common issues that users can face is when Brother printer in error state. This message can appear on the LCD screen followed by which, the printer becomes completely non-functional.

The ‘Error State’ alert is not a serious issue and you don’t need to rush to a technician to get it fixed. Here, we will provide you with certain simple tricks so that you can resolve this printer problem all by yourself.

What Is The Meaning Of Brother Printer In Error State?

Sometimes, your Brother printer may suddenly display an ‘Error State’ message on its LCD screen. When this occurs, the device stops functioning as soon as the alert pops up on the display stating “Brother printer in error state”.

This is quite a common issue with these printers and it happens without any early warning sign. To know the meaning of this error, let’s discuss a few causes to gain some clarity.

Causes Due to Which Brother Printer Operates in Error State

It is always helpful to know what causes a certain problem in your printing device if you want to resolve it. Brother printers are affected by ‘error state’ issue mostly because of the following reasons:

  • The absence of a high-speed Internet connection is one of the factors that can cause this problem.
  • A malware or virus attack either on the printer or the computer connected with it can be the reason for it to stop functioning.
  • BIOS related problems can also be responsible for causing the “Brother printer in error state Windows 10” issue.
  • A corrupted printer driver can also lead to a printer going into the error state.

Solutions You Can Try When Brother Printer In Error State

There are certain fixes that you can follow to resolve the ‘error state’ problem with your Brother printer:

1. Restart Your Device

This is the easiest method to fix your Brother printer that is facing an ‘error state’ malfunction. Check if all the connections between your printer and the PC or laptop are proper. Examine whether there are any loose connections between them. 

Turn off your PC and your printer. Wait for some time and then restart them one by one. After the devices have turned on, check if the error message is displayed on the screen.

2. Check Network Connectivity

Poor network connectivity can also be a potential reason for your printer to operate in the error state. Hence, make sure that the speed of your wireless network is enough for your printer to function smoothly. 

After you have checked and made necessary adjustments in the network settings(if needed), restart your printer. Evaluate if the same error message still appears on the LCD screen.

3. Uninstall and Update the Printer Driver

One of the major reasons that cause this ‘error state’ message is a corrupted or damaged printer driver. To fix this, you should delete the existing printer driver and try to install a fresh one.

If you find that the printer is working just fine after reinstalling the printer driver, you can be sure that the damaged driver was responsible for this problem.

4. Use the Troubleshooter

Using the Troubleshooter can be an effective way to handle the error state condition of your printer. By running the troubleshooter,  you can fix certain bugs that will ultimately help your printer to get rid of the issue.

5.Delete and Reinstall the Printer Software

If none of the above solutions work for you, then as a last resort you can go for this solution.

You can delete the entire printer software and reinstall it on your device. This is probably the most effective solution for the problem of Brother printer in error state.

The solutions that we have provided here will help you to fix the ‘error state’ issue in your Brother printer. In case, the problem persists even after trying out all the fixes, we would advise you to contact a technician. You can also write to us in the comments below.