Canon is a global brand for manufacturing top-class printers and has a huge customer base. If you own a Canon printer, it can exhibit certain errors from time to time. The issue of error 5b02 is the most annoying one, according to many users. 

Nowadays, using a printer device is very common in both the home and the official purpose of printing jobs. If an error arises with your printer, then leaving it idle will not be the best option. You need to fix the Canon printer error code 5b02 as soon as possible to restore printing tasks.

This error can occur due to an issue in the waste ink absorbing system. If this issue is bothering you, go through this article to get the complete information in resolving the error code. The steps necessary to troubleshoot the matter are very simple and are explained below.

Steps to Fix Canon Printer MG3520 Error Code 5b02:

To resolve Canon Pixma printer error code 5b02 efficiently, check out the  below-mentioned steps:

  1. First of all, you need to shut-down your printer and remove all the connecting cables from it. If it doesn’t turn off, press and hold down the Power button to perform the task forcefully. However, if you can shut down your printer using the control panel, then doing that is the best option.

  1. Do not turn off the Power Supply for the printer while troubleshooting error 5b02. By keeping the printer connected to a power source, tap down the Power button. While holding the tab, press the “Stop/ Reset” button. 

  1. Now, you will see that the Power LED glows on your Canon printer. Hence, press down the “Stop/ Reset” tab two times while holding the Power button.

  1. After releasing both the Power and the Stop/ Reset buttons (regardless of the order), it will navigate to the service mode. As soon as you notice the LED light of the printer lits green, tap down the “Stop/ Reset” button. 

  1. You may have to repeat this step for some specified number of time(s) according to the functions listed in the table below. When you tap down the “Stop/ Reset” key, alternatively orange and green lights will starts lighting. Always, remember to initiate the troubleshooting of error code 5b02 with the orange light on.

List of Functions Performed by Canon printer:

0: Greenlight off

1: Orange (pattern print)

2: Green (EEPROM print)

3: Orange (EEPROM reset)

4: Green (Waste ink counter reset)

5: Orange (Designation setting)

6: Green (print head deep cleaning)

11: Orange (LCD checking)

12 or more times: (Returns to a menu section)

That’s all. By trying all these steps discussed in the post, you will get the Canon printer error code 5b02 resolved. If you want advanced methods to troubleshoot this error, post your questions in the comments below.