Canon printer in error state Windows 10 is one of the common issues that people encounter.

Canon printers are another brand that is versatile and sophisticated in delivering fundamental printing functions. But, it doesn’t mean that there can be absolutely no malfunctions and errors on their part.

When this issue appears, the users encounter hindrance in working with it. That is, the canon printers tend to bring about problems like scanning issues or basic printing errors as well.

Of course, the users would want to treat this problem thoroughly. And this is why we present a thorough discussion regarding the troubleshooting procedures.

In case you aim to seek some solutions regarding this complication, make sure to stick through the entire article.

The Potential Causes for the Canon Printer In Error State to Happen

Before heading to the solution portion, it is vital for users to know the probable causes. If you know how the problems branch out, then this can help you in troubleshooting it quickly.

So, make sure to head to the underlying points holding the different reasons for the problem.

Loose Cable Connections

The cords or cables may be loosely connected for which the users get perplexed. And they tend to seek other root causes skipping this which results in further problems.

Outdated Printer Driver

At times, the printer driver can be outdated which can trigger plenty of other problems. So, ensure to check it as well.

Furthermore, an outdated printer driver conflicts with the Operating System. Now, this results in many problems including the current error state as well.

Quick and Effective Solutions to Fix it Entirely

If you find that the Canon printer is in an error state, make sure to follow the underlying procedures to solve it quickly.

If you have gone through the printer causes, you will also notice that the solutions are highly effective. 

However, in case, you were trying to treat the problem on your own, you will notice that the causes that we mentioned have come handy.

You can anticipate the area which you have to target or work on in order to treat the problem entirely.

However, without further delay, let us simply proceed to the methods for troubleshooting. Also, make sure to implement them carefully.

Note: Try out the methods chronologically, as in the order which we have presented. This is just to avoid further unnecessary problems.

Procedure 1: Check and Inspect the Internet Connection and Restart the Device

First of all, you must start with the basics. Doing this can let you avoid certain problems. So, make sure to do it dedicatedly.

This is a problem that most people ignore and find plenty of complications later on. So, check if the devices are connected and so are the cables or cords. 

Firstly, make sure to power off the printer and pull out the cords from the power supply. Also, for networks like, be it wireless or Bluetooth, make sure to disconnect them.

Restart the process and let the residual energy drain out.

When it turns on, check if the problem lingers. And if it lurks behind, just try out the next procedure.

Procedure 2: Update or Reinstall the Printer Driver

Now, an incompatible or outdated printer driver can also be the cause of this problem. Just make sure to take the necessary action.

First, head to the Control Panel and inspect the printer driver version. After that, navigate to the official website of the printer and tally the latest version with the one you own.

In case, the versions differ, download those necessary updates which are available. Now, the problem is sure to go away. 

Wrapping Up

In case the Canon printer is in an error state, this article is what you should refer to as it holds all the answers. We know the extent up to which this problem can go.

From stopping the basic printing functions along with the scanning, if it has an integrated scanner, that is, the complication can bring about plenty of other annoyances.

And you cannot afford to hold your work just for this. You may have an important deadline to meet, but, this malfunctioning can hamper those dedicated corporate plans as well.