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Gone are the days of dot matrix printers. Modern-day printers are much more advanced and come with an array of cutting-edge features. These printers not only make the printing task faster and simpler but, also allow us to have several options to print documents.

Almost, all printers nowadays, come with wireless connectivity. These devices can also perform other tasks like scanning, faxing, photocopying and much more. If you are using a Dell E310DW printer, it is important to connect it to Wi-fi. It is practically impossible to operate these printers if not connected to a Wi-fi source.

Setting up or connecting your printer with a Wi-fi network is not a difficult task. All printers come with a simplified manual to guide you smoothly through the entire process. However, following the manual often, doesn’t yield the desired result. For this reason, you might need some help with the Dell e310DW Wifi setup process. 

In this post, we are going to discuss the step-wise procedure of setting up Wi-fi on your Dell E310DW wireless printer.

About The Dell E310DW Printer 

Dell E310DW is a small, compact, monochrome laser wireless printer that can print on both sides. Because of its compactness, it is ideal for personal use as well as for office-based printing.

It comes with a 250-page main tray, one-sheet manual feed tray, and a duplexer to allow both side printing on the pages. This printer can be connected to any iOS, Windows or Android mobile devices through Wi-fi access. It can also be connected to Cloud via the Internet or Wi-fi connection.

However, if you wish to connect the printer to a PC via USB, the device may lose its ability to print files from Cloud.

Dell E310DW has a fantastic performance of printing 27 pages per minute (ppm). The printing is also of high quality. This device weighs around 9-10 kilograms, which makes it easy for personal and even small office uses.

Guide To Dell E310DW WiFi Setup

The Dell E310DW printer can be easily connected to the wireless network via wifi protected setup or WPS. This device can connect to Wifi by following different ways.

Before understanding how to setup Wifi Dell e310dw, you have to do the following tasks:

  • Position your printer closer to the wireless LAN access point or the router. Make sure there is no obstruction between your device and the network access point. If there is any blockage, it might negatively impact the data transfer speed. This would ultimately affect the printer’s performance.
  • You should know your Network Key (password) and Network Name(SSID) for the printer setup.

How to Connect the Dell E310DW to Wi-fi?

There are two ways by which the printer can be connected to a wireless connection. You can either use the One-Push method or you can go for the printer’s control panel set up.

First method: Using One-Push or AOSS

Make sure that your wireless access point supports AOSS or WPS. Choose the ‘Network’ option and press the OK button.

Now, select the WLAN option and hit the OK tab. Select the WPS or AOSS option and choose OK.

When the option of WLAN Enable appears, select the OK button. Also, when ‘Press key on rtr’ appears on your display, press the WPS or AOSS button on your router.

In the next step, press the Up arrow on the printer’s control panel and it will automatically connect to the router.

If the printer gets connected to the wireless network successfully, the LCD screen will display the status as “Connected”. However, if the device fails to connect with the WiFi, you should check the error code.

Second Method: Enable WLAN Using SSID 

If you want to connect your printer to a wireless network using this method, try to note down your Network Name (SSID) and the Network Key or Password. Now, follow the steps below:

  • Make use of the arrow keys and select the ‘Network’ option. Press OK to continue.
  • Now choose the ‘WLAN’ option and select OK. Also, choose Select ‘Wizard’ option and select OK.
  • Click the ‘ON’ option when the WLAN Enabler appears on your screen. After this, your printer searches the list of available SSIDs that are present and active around it.
  • Choose the SSID  you want to connect to and then press OK. Enter the Key or Password of the SSID.
  • This will allow the printer to make attempts to connect to the wireless network. If it connects itself to the network, the printer’s display will show the connected message.
  • Now the printer will print the wireless status report.

Finally, when the connection between both devices is completed, you need to install the suitable drivers and softwares. In this way, you can connect the Dell E310DW to Wifi.

The User manual that comes with the printer package is always there to guide and help you out with the setup process. Here, we have discussed two methods that you can use to establish the wireless connection on your Dell E310DW printer. 

If you want our opinion, we would recommend following the first method. As it is proven to be simple, efficient and more convenient than the second method to perform Dell e310DW Wifi setup.

In case, you are still unable to configure and set up your printer with a wireless system, post your feedback in the comments below.