The Epson printer WiFi connect error can appear whenever there is an issue with the network. For example, when you keep the printer away from the router, then problems with connectivity occurs and this issue can crop up.

There can be several other reasons as to why does this issue occurs after all. If the printer is not placed in the right place, then you can face this issue. Also, if some document within the print queue gets corrupted, then you can encounter this issue.

Even when there is some hardware problem with the printer, then this error can show up. Further, if the firmware is obsolete, then this problem might appear. Moreover, if the Epson printer is not configured or set correctly, then this glitch can show up.

Now, if you are facing this error, then go through this article completely. Here, we have mentioned the fixes that you can try to resolve the error quickly.

Various Methods to Fix the Epson Printer WiFi Connect Error

This is the section of the article that will help you mitigate this problem in an easy and simple manner. Below, we have mentioned the fixes to this WiFi connect error and following them will hopefully be sufficient in fixing this error effectively. 

Fix 1: Keep the Printer at a Proper Place

If the Epson printer is not kept in the correct place or is far away from the router, then you can face this error. The best answer to resolve this issue is to place the printer in the proper place. In order to do that, follow the steps beneath.

  • First, remove any barrier between the printer and the router.
  • Next. try to keep the router and the printer close to each other, so that there is no signal problem between those devices.
  • When the printer is present close to some electronic devices like a cordless phone, microwave oven, then this issue can come up. The answer to solving this issue is to relocate either the printer or the cordless phone, microwave oven.

Fix 2: Start the Printer Once Again 

If the printer has any problems within its internal components, then there is a possibility for you to face this problem. Now, the one and only solution to get rid of this problem is to restart the printer. Here are the steps that you can follow.

  • First, switch off the printer and then unplug the power cable from the wall electrical socket.
  • After that, press the ‘Power’ button and hold it for some time to remove the excess charge from the circuit board of the printer.
  • Now, wait for a few minutes or so and then insert the power plug back into the wall socket.
  • Next, start the printer, try to print a document and check whether this issue is present or not.

Fix 3: Update the Epson Printer Firmware Manually

If the firmware of the Epson printer is not up to date, then you might meet with this error. The best feasible solution to get rid of this problem is to update the printer firmware manually. Follow the steps underneath.

  • First, open a web browser that you prefer and then visit the official Epson website. Next, search for the latest firmware of the printer and then download the setup file. The firmware setup file is present on the ‘Drivers & Software’ section of the website.
  • Now, open the ‘Printer Preferences’ window for the Epson printer, that is installed into the computer. Then, within that window, tap on the ‘Utility’ tab.
  • Under that tab, locate and then choose the ‘Printer Firmware Update’ option. Now, a new window ‘Epson LFP Remote Panel’ will come up. Inside that window, select the ‘Firmware Updater’ option.
  • As soon as you do that, a new ‘Firmware Updater’ dialog box will come up. Next, connect a USB cable between the computer and the printer.
  • After that, within that window, locate the section ‘Individual Firmware Updates’ and then choose the ‘Update’ button. Now, the program ‘Epson LFP Remote Panel’ will compare the downloaded with the installed firmware.
  • If there is an update available for the printer firmware, tap on the ‘Update’ button.
  • Once the update procedure of the printer firmware is complete, the device will restart automatically.

Fix 4: Inspect the Print Queue of the Epson Printer

When the document present inside the print queue gets corrupted somehow, then you can face this error. The feasible answer to mitigating this problem is to delete all the documents within the print queue. To do that, follow the steps underneath.

  • First, tap on the keys ‘Windows + S’ simultaneously. This will open the ‘Search’ section of the Windows. Within that section, type in ‘devices’, and then form the output of that search, choose the ‘Devices and Printers’ option.
  • As soon as you do that, a new window with the name ‘Devices and Printers’ will come up.
  • Inside that window, navigate to the section ‘Printers’. Under that section, locate and choose Epson printer from the list. Next, right-click on that chosen option, and that will bring out a popup menu.
  • Now, from that menu, select the ‘See what’s printing’ option. Now, a new window with the name of the Epson printer will appear.
  • Inside that window, go to the menu bar and then choose the ‘Printer’ option. This will open a drop-down list, in it, choose the ‘Cancel All Documents’ 
  • If a prompt comes up, select the ‘Yes’ button.
  • At last, print a document and check if this issue is still present or not.

Fix 5: Set the Epson Printer Correctly with Another Device

When the Epson printer is not set correctly with the device, using which you will print documents,  then there is a chance for you to meet with this issue. If such is the case, you will have to configure the printer in a proper way to resolve the issue quickly. You can follow the steps beneath.

  • First, hit the ‘Home’ button on the ‘Epson’ printer. Next, locate and choose the ‘Wireless’ icon on the printer’s control panel.
  • Now, find and choose the WiFi Setup option. Now, a new list will come up.
  • From that list, choose the ‘WiFi Setup Wizard’. Then, from the list of networks available, select the proper WiFi network name.
  • Next, provide the password when a prompt appears. Once the password is provided, tap on the ‘Return’ button.
  • After that, choose the ‘Proceed’ button. Now, correctly set the settings of the WiFi and then click on the ‘OK’ button. Next, print the ‘Network Setup’ report. 
  • Next, tap on the ‘Home’ button and see if the ‘WiFi’ icon comes up on the top-right edge of the printer screen.

To Conclude

Follow the steps and procedures given above should be enough to fix the Epson printer WiFi connect error. However, if the fixes do not work as they are supposed to, then do not worry. Just provide the details of the problem that you are facing in the comment section below and get an instant solution from an expert.