Epson is one of the most popular brands that has gained fame and place in the market for its unmatched quality printers. But, like other technical gadgets, Epson printer is not completely free from technical flaws. Some of the Epson printer users often encounter “Epson printer not printing black” error. 

This error notification notifies that the printer is not able to perform its printing procedure due to the internal bugs and glitches.  

It can arise due to a number of reasons, which includes ink cartridge issues, clogged printheads, etc.  

If you are encountering the same error, then you have landed on the right page, Here, in this page, we will mention some of the effective methods that are proven to work.  

But, before proceeding with the troubleshooting section, you must know what are the principal factors behind the error. So, have a look at the foremost causes of why Epson printer is unable to print black. 

Major Causes Behind Epson Printer Not Printing Black

There can be various factors that are responsible for the Epson printer not printing black issue. But, here, in this section, we are going to mention some of the most important factors. 

Unmaintained or dirty Epson Printer: If you are using your Epson printer for a long time without proper maintenance, the occurrence of such error is quite a common event. 

Outdated or Corrupted Printer Driver: Outdated or corrupted printer drivers can be another potential cause for this error. Most of the users have complained that they find Epson printer not printing properly while using a backdated version of the printer driver. 

Third-Party Ink Cartridges: Using third-party ink cartridge can trigger serious issue including printer not printing black. Basically, Epson printer develops ink cartridges according to their printer model and series. But, third-party ink cartridges don’t manufacture their product according to the specification of Epson printer. So, third-party ink cartridges aren’t compatible with your Epson printer. Hence, using faulty ink cartridges can also influence the error. 

We hope, now, you are well accustomed with all the predictable causes behind this error. So, let’s proceed with the troubleshooting section.

Effective Hacks to Resolve Epson Printer Not Printing Black Issue

Follow up the undermentioned section and try to implement all the steps accordingly. By using the methods, you will surely overcome this printing error.

Inspect the Calibration

Incorrect or wrong calibration of the printer can be the principal cause for the Epson printer not printing black issue. Even if the Epson printer has been calibrated, you need to re-verify it after inserting a new ink cartridge.  

For this purpose, you have to make self-diagnostic features on the Epson printer. Therefore, keep in mind that, to resolve the printer error, the alignment of cartridges must be checked.

Remove the Dirt from Cartridges

If there is an accumulation of dirt on the scanner or laser, then you might find that your Epson printer not printing black. To overcome this situation, you must clean the laser or scanner segment. 

For this cleaning purpose, you can use a dry cotton swab. But, do not use water to remove foreign particles. 

Using the dry cotton swab, remove the dirt from the scanner and cartridges. Once the cleaning process is over, attempt to print a page and check whether the Epson printer printing with black paper.

Check the Cartridges Tape

Usually, black ink cartridge comes up with a protective plastic strip that prevents the ink from spilling. But, most of the users install the new ink cartridge without taking off the protective plastic. If you did the same, then due to this reason you might encounter this printer error. 

Thus, you can verify whether the protective taps are taken off properly. 

Run Printer Troubleshooter

Printer Troubleshooter is a built-in utility that you can use to resolve the printing error. So, whenever you find that the printer not printing black, run the Printer Troubleshooter tool. 

Step 1: First, press the combination of Windows Logo + R key. Then, launch the Run window. Here, you have to write “Control” into the Run dialog box to open the Control Panel window. 

Step 2: Once the Control Panel window opens, you will find a complete list of troubleshooters. From that list, hit the “View All” option to proceed further.

 Step 3: Now, locate and choose the printer, then choose the option named “Run as Administrator” from the queue window. 

As soon as you perform this action, Printer Troubleshooter will begin detecting the internal error. Once it detects the actual problem, it will automatically allow the printer to print black. 

Try to update the Epson Printer Driver

If you are using an outdated or backdated printer drivers, then such printer error is quite common. For this purpose, the best possible way is to update printer drivers. To do this process, you can follow the steps underneath.

Step 1:

Locate the Windows logo key on your keyboard. Then, press it along with the R key. This action will launch a Run dialog box. Here, type  “devmgmt.msc” command and hit the Enter key to execute it.

Step 2: 

Once you are done, the Device Manager window will appear on the screen. Under the Device Manager window, locate and choose the device you want to update. Now, right-click on the Epson printer device and select the option named “Update Driver”.

Step 3:

Now, let the Windows search for the most updated version of drivers for your device. Thus, you have to select the “Search Automatically for Updated Driver Software” option. If updates are available, then it will automatically installed on your device.

Step 4:

After finishing the downloading process, you require to install into your device by following the on-screen instructions. 

In the end, reboot your device to apply the new changes. Check whether the printer error egst gets eliminated or not. 

Reinstall the Epson Printer Driver

If the update process fails to resolve the printer error, then you should install the Epson printer driver. In order to reinstall the Epson printer driver, follow the below-mentioned step

  • Tap on the Start icon. Then, write “Print Management” into the Search dialog box. As soon as you perform this action, you will find the “Print Management” option on the left side of the window. Simply click on it to open the experience.
  • Under the Print Management window, choose “All Printers” option from the context menu. Afterward, right-click on the unwanted printer and hit the “Delete/Remove” button from the queue window.
  • This process will remove the Epson printer driver from your device. Once the process is over, visit the official website of the Epson and find the most compatible printer driver for your device.
  • After this process, follow the on-screen instructions to install the compatible printer driver.

Additional Tips: 

Using a low-quality paper can also affect the printing job. Therefore, it is recommended that you use the correct type of pages for printing black. Store photo paper in its original packaging inside a resealable plastic bag. Further, do not use curled and wrinkled paper.

  • Always try to use genuine Epson ink cartridges. And try to avoid third-party ink cartridges. 

Ending Notes

In this post, we have mentioned all the underlying reasons along with all the best possible workarounds for this printer problem. We hope this post will be helpful to you.

If you find any problems while executing the above-discussed methods, then you can write up your troubles in the feedback section below.

Furthermore, if you want to know more about “Epson printer not printing black” error, then keep following our posts on a regular basis.