Cartridge issue? Here are some answers to your queries. We present the ways on how to reset Lexmark ink cartridge chip with convenience.

Now, the sight of the problem is really annoying to the users. And they tend to seek immediate solutions for this.

However, before that, one must know why this happens. So, just read this entire article as you will get plenty of information right from the causes to the solutions.

Simply adhere to this quick guide that aims to solve it in minutes.

Ways to Reset Lexmark Ink Cartridges

We know how annoying it can get when you place pages and click on Print in order to turn the pages into printed ones.

However, the situation says something else. So, stick through the solutions.

Procedure 1: Reset via Printer Solutions Center

In this method, we suggest you reset it via the printer solutions center. For this, just stick through the underlying dedicated steps.

  • At first, press the Windows button along with the Z key simultaneously while you are on the Start screen.
  • Then, scroll down to the Lexmark heading and click on the option that says Printer Solutions Center.
  • Head to the Maintenance tab and then click on the option which would install a new printer cartridge.
  • Next, click on the Next button continuously until you reach the Print the Alignment screen. Then, the printer will detect the new cartridge(s).
  • Finally, click on the button which says Print in order to print an alignment page to finish the procedure for cartridge recognition. Then, close the opened dialog boxes once the alignment pages begin to print.

Procedure 2: Resetting through the Power Button

The Power button of the Lexmark printer can do a lot of tricks for you including the one which resets the printer if properly utilized.

  • First, turn the Lexmark printer On and open the top cover of the printer. Remove the black as well as color cartridges from the printer. Then, proceed to place the cartridges on a sheet for preventing the ink to stain other areas.
  • After that, turn the device Off. Then, leave the cover of the printer open. After that, wait for about 60 seconds to let the power drain.
  • Finally, install each cartridge and then shut the top lid of the printer. Now, the noises that the device makes should not scare you.

In this way, you will have the printer absolutely ready for use.

Wrapping Up

This is how you can reset Lexmark printer ink and the solutions are extremely effective. In case the issue lingers, make sure to drop your queries in the comment section. Implement the steps to eradicate the problem at once.