Lexmark is an American brand that manufactures high-quality printers. These printers are known for their great performance and durability. 

Users of Lexmark printers have often complained that they experience problems with the fusers. These are a pair of roller-like components in the printers, which gets heated up while printing something. Its function is to fuse the toner over the paper that you are using to take the printout.

Fusers are an important component of any printer. In case there is an issue with the fuser, it might cause your printer to stop functioning. In this post, you will find all the details on the Lexmark fuser error

Although this is a hardware-related problem, it can be solved easily with proper methods. Hence, before you approach a technician, try out some of the fixes that we are about to discuss here. 

What Causes Lexmark Fuser Error?

If you wish to fix this issue, it’s important to know why the fuser in your Lexmark printer to stop working. Some of the reasons behind Lexmark fuser error are stated below:

  • Sometimes, dust particles may get accumulated in the toner portion of the printer. These stagnant dust particles can often interfere with the regular functioning of the fusers thereby, damaging it.
  • Another important reason for the fusers to malfunction is a non-functional printer driver. If the printer driver is outdated or isn’t working properly, it might affect the printer fusers.
  • If you are using a printer for a long period at a stretch, it might trigger fusers to get overheated and catch fire. This is quite a common scenario with Lexmark printers. 

How To Resolve Lexmark Service Fuser error?

The fuser is an important component of a printer but, this error can damage it. If it does not work properly, your printer won’t function at all and can greatly affect your work. So, it is crucial to fix this fuser error. Here, we are discussing some solutions, which you can follow to resolve the fuser issue in your Lexmark printer:

  1. Check and Clean Printer Nozzle and Fuser

If there is overaccumulation of dust particles on the printer’s nozzle or in the fuser, it can stop functioning. Hence, it is important to clean these components to fix Lexmark fuser error.

Take a soft cloth or sponge and soak it in warm water. Now, slowly open the side door of the printer and make sure that the paper tray is empty. After this, thoroughly clean out the dust particle from the printer nozzle and the fusers. 

Once you are done with this, put back the paper tray in its place and close the side doors. Run the printer and test with a blank page to check if the fusers are working.

  1. Examine the Printer Spooler

A print spooler is an application that manages the printing jobs sent from a PC or a laptop to the printer or the print server. To check if the print spooler is working, you should follow these steps:

  • Press the Windows and the R key at the same time.
  • In the Run command box, type ‘services.msc’ and click the Enter key.
  • Find the Print Spooler and double click on it.
  • Make sure that the Startup type is set to Automatic and the Service Status is kept Running.
  • Now, click on OK. Finally, restart the printer and check if the problem is still there.

3. Conduct Basic Check-up

Sometimes, the problem with the fuser is not because of any software or hardware problem. But, it might take place due to some problem in the basic set up of the Lexmark printer. 

You need to inspect whether all connections between the printer and the PC is proper. You need to check the USB cables, power cables, power sockets, and even the paper tray to see if there is any connection issue.

4.Update the Printer Driver

An outdated printer driver is often found to be the main reason for many issues on printers. So, if you find that none of the above solutions is working, perhaps you need to update the printer driver. Here’s how you can do it:

Click the Start option and open the Control panel. Now, click on the “Systems and Security” option.

Select Devices and Printers. Choose the model of your Lexmark printer and right-click on it.

From the drop-down box, select “Update Driver” option. 

Here, you will get two options: Search automatically for driver software updates and Browse my software for driver software. 

Hence, choose whichever method suits you best. Finally, restart both the PC or laptop and the printer. Check whether the fuser problem persists.

We are hopeful that the solutions in this article will help you to deal with the issue. In case, none of the solutions work and the same fuser error takes place, you can contact a professional.