There are so many users who confront Oki printer error code 990 due to certain technical glitches in their printing machines. The error code 990 specifies that there is a waste toner sensor detection problem that triggers this issue. 

Basically, Waste Toner of OKI Printer is a container that stores the excess ink. However, when users try to replace the ink cartridge, they require to replace the waste toner container as well.

In case, they do not replace the waste toner container, then the printer device can’t detect the drum unit or toner cartridge. As a result, the machine becomes incapable to recognize how much ink left in the units.

Under such circumstances, users find an error notification that pops up on their display screen says “An error occurred, Oki printer error 990”. 

If you are currently going through the same situation, then nothing to worry about as you are not alone. This post contains all the required details to help you out from this critical situation. 

Therefore, without further delay, directly proceed with the next section where you get to know various ways to settle this matter.

Simple Steps To Fix Oki Printer Error Code 990

Here, in this section, we are going to mention some of the simple steps to settle the Oki printer error code 990. You need to implement the steps in the same order as instructed to get satisfactory results. So, let’s start.

Step 1:

Once you get the Oki printer error, the most basic step that you should take is to examine all the blue toner levers whether they are steadily pushed towards the back or not.

Step 2:

After that, check the sensor by making sure that the sensor is properly cleaned. If the sensor requires cleaning, then do so. For the cleaning purpose, you can use a lint-free cloth. By using the cloth you can clean the silver arm and plastic cover of the sensor.

Step 3: 

After cleaning the sensor properly, you need to ensure that the sensor lever on TS1 is shifted in the upward direction. Now, you can clean the arm properly. 

Afterward, make sure that you have pushed up the sensor lever in the upward direction. If you don’t push the sensor into the upward direction, then the printer will not be able to lift the sensor on the drum. 

Ending Notes:

We hope that by implementing all the above steps, you can easily eradicate the Oki printer error code 990 without any delay. However, if you have any sort of query from your end, then feel free to share your difficulties in the feedback section below.