Despite its popularity worldwide, Canon printers also show some errors. Canon printer error 5100 is one of them. This error hampers your work on your Canon device and you can’t resume your work until you resolve it. 

Keeping that in mind, here, we have come up with the fixes to this particular error code 5100 on a Canon printer. So, if you too are encountering this error on your Canon printer, follow the fixes given here and resolve the issue quickly. 

Methods to Troubleshoot the Canon Printer Error 5100

Here are some of the methods of maintenance and fixing your canon printer error 5100. Follow the methods as given below.

Method 1: The Ink Cartridge has to be Reset

The ink cartridge is highly instrumental in causing the Canon printer error 5100. If the ink cartridge inside is set improperly, then the printer often stops working correctly and it triggers the error 5100. Now that you know what causes the error, try to fix it. 

Open the first panel of the printer and just reset the cartridge. Done! Your issue is resolved. Enjoy using your printer.

Method 2: The Printer has to be Reset

The second method is that the printer has to be reset after long use. This will help you in resolving the Canon printer error 5100. Try to reset your printer every few days. In order to fix the problem, just press the stop button for around five to six seconds and then release it.

Method 3: Clean Debris within the Printer

A good cleaning is necessary to fix Canon printer error 5100. The presence of some paper, torn paper piece or some packaging material inside the machine act as a hindrance to the proper working. 

Therefore, cleaning is necessary for its proper working.

Method 4: Check for Jammed Paper

This method is also similar to the previous method. If you find the Canon printer error 5100 poping up, then before printing, check whether there is any jammed paper or not.

From the back panel, open the printer and see if there is any paper stuck or not. If you find any, then pull it out. Your issue will get resolved

Method 5: The Printing Strip must be Cleaned

You will find a white plastic material inside the printer. It is the printing strip. It is actually sitting above the drive belt. Now, this thing is instrumental in causing the canon printer error 5100. 

To resolve the issue, check whether it is clean or not. If you find any dirt there, then instantly clean it using a soft tissue.


Now you know how to deal with the Canon printer error 5100. Share with us which methods you applied and how they were a help to you. You can also let us know in the comment section the possibility of any other way to troubleshoot the issue.