Canon printers are preferred by users due to their efficient performance and carrying out all-purpose printing jobs. If after turning on the printer, the error message B200 appears on the device’s control panel instead of the normal Menu, it can be a serious issue. 

Canon printer error B200 occurs if there is an issue with the ink cartridges. Some users have also noticed that this error can appear if the print head is damaged. Also, don’t ignore the cases of the corrupted printer drivers, which can produce this error message.

To resolve this matter, try the simple solutions first, before applying advanced fixes. So, go through this article to learn about the methods, which can eliminate error code B200 from your Canon printer. 

Resolve Canon Printer Error Code B200 With Effective Solutions

Depending upon the problems, the methods to troubleshoot the glitch in Canon printer can vary. But, there are a few common fixes you can try for resolving the Canon printer error B200 efficiently. They are discussed as follows: 

Fix 1: Reinstall your Canon Ink Cartridges

When the ink cartridges in the Canon printer are not properly installed in their slots, this can result in the error code B200. If this is the case, then you need to reinstall the ink cartridges to fix the matter. The steps to perform this solution are as follows:

First of all, you need to open the top cover of the printer. Then detach all the ink-cartridges one-by-one from the cradle. After that, remove the printhead of the printer.

To remove the printhead, at first, you have to lift the lever. It is present just beside the cartridge cradle. Gently, remove the printhead from the printer and wait for a few seconds. Put back the printhead to its original position in the printer.

Further, reinstall all the ink cartridges to their assigned slots. Finally, close the printer cover to complete the reinstallation process of the toner cartridges. Restart your printer to check if the error code persists. If yes, then you need to apply the remaining fixes to troubleshoot the problem.

If the incorrect installation of the ink cartridges is the main cause, then the above method will be sufficient to fix the matter. However, if the reasons behind the Canon printer error B200 include damage of ink cartridge(s) or dust accumulation on the printhead component, the solution is different. 

Fix 2: Check the Ink Cartridges and then Install

If the error code B200 returns after reinstalling the ink cartridges on your printer, then it can be due to the product issue. Hence, you need to ensure that all the cartridges installed in the device are error-free. 

A problematic ink cartridge can also be responsible for the printer’s glitch. So, to resolve error B200, you need to change the damaged or defective cartridges. Continue with the below steps to fix the matter.

At first, you need to turn on your printer and remove the ink cartridge cover. Now, you can access the cartridges as the cradle will automatically lift upward. Remove them from the cradle one-by-one without rushing the process.

You need to inspect the ink cartridges. Start with the cartridge you have replaced last. Perform an extensive nozzle check or a cleaning cycle after replacing the cartridge. You should try this step while checking the installation of an old functioning cartridge in place of a new one. 

Reassemble all the components of your printer and do not forget to close the ink cartridge’s cover.

Finally, restart your printer and check if the error gets resolved. If your answer is no, then you need to identify the problematic cartridge by replacing the other ink cartridges. Then restart your printer after each ink cartridge replacement.

If a problematic ink cartridge is responsible for the error, this solution will help you to fix the matter. Otherwise, move to the next solution. 

Fix 3: Clean the Print Head of your Printer

The presence of dust or ink on the print head is another cause of returning the error code B200. If this is the case, try this method to fix the issue. You need to clean the print head with the help of a soft-cloth and soaking it with ethyl alcohol. Do not wet the entire cloth to perform the cleaning task.

By following the above fixes, you will get the issue of Canon printer error B200 resolved efficiently. To obtain solutions for other error codes on Canon printer, keep visiting this page regularly.